Our LOVE Story

We met our Junior year of high school....WE WERE NOT HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS...
would like to tell everyone that we were, but sadly NO. After high school all of our friends went their separate ways and we were stuck to get to know each other better. We became best of friends...sometimes it was like we were siblings. We set each other up on dates and complained about bad ones. Morgan became a fixture at my house. A couple of years after we graduated Morgan started to act..well..he started acting EXTRA nice to me. Surprising me at work with treats, taking me to the movies, dinner and PAYING. Well I freaked out! My Mom said to me one night, "Brittney please give him a chance". I was not willing to risk our friendship. So a couple of months later I started to pray that I would feel contentment in my life and to know what the next step would be in my life. The NEXT day...Morgan looked completely different to me. I wasn't scared anymore to date him. Well....we started dating and it was AWESOME! We both thought it would be such a shock to everyone that we were dating. But they all acted like, Well it's about time! And that was it...Started dating in October, Engaged in March, Married August 5, 2004.
And we will live happily ever after!

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